Download Samsung USB Drivers for Odin (Latest Version)

Samsung USB Drivers for Odin are essential to connect Samsung devices to PC and Odin tool. As we all know  Odin Flash Tool is very useful in installing the firmware on Samsung devices, but you will also need Samsung USB Drivers for Odin tool so as to establish a connection between your device and the tool on PC.

So to help you out, in this article,  we are sharing with you all the links to download Samsung USB Drivers for Odin. 

What are the Samsung USB Drivers?

Samsung USB Drivers is a software that helps you connect your Samsung Smartphone to the PC. These Drivers are useful in a number of ways like installing Samsung firmware, installing ROM, Developing apps, upgrading or downgrading Samsung firmware, etc.

Download Samsung Odin Drivers


Are Samsung Odin Drivers free?

Yes. Both Samsung USB Drivers for Odin as well as Samsung Odin tool are free to use. These are the official tools from Samsung and hence totally free for all users.

Why use Samsung Odin USB Drivers?

Given below are a few reasons why you would need to use Samsung Odin USB Drivers –

  • You will need Samsung Odin Drivers to Install a Samsung firmware on the device using the Odin tool.
  • These USB Odin drivers are crucial for connecting the Samsung device to the Odin tool.
  • The Odin USB Drivers are helpful for developers to test apps.
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade Samsung firmware.
  • It can be helpful in Android custom development.
  • It’s useful in Android Troubleshooting.

What do I need to use Samsung Odin drivers?

All you need to use Odin USB Drivers for Samsung is a Samsung device, PC, and Odin tool. You do not need a Bluetooth or WiFi Connection. However, you will need a USB Cable.

What are Samsung USB Drivers for Odin Compatible with?

Samsung Odin Drivers are compatible with all Windows versions including –

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Are Samsung Odin drivers safe to use?

Yes. Samsung USB drivers are totally safe to use. There is no threat of viruses or malware from this software as this is an official release from Samsung itself.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Odin

  • Device name – Samsung USB Drivers
  • File Size –  19 MB
  • Support -Windows 7/XP/ Vista/10

How to Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows?

Given below are two different methods you can use to install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows –

Method 1 – Automatic Method to install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows

Step 1. First of all, download the Samsung USB Drivers on Windows PC from the links mentioned above.

Step 2Extract the ZIP file to any folder on the PC.

Step 3. Click on this file so as to open the Samsung USB Drivers installation Wizard.

Step 4. When the installation wizard opens, click on Next.


Step 5. Choose the Language and Country and hit the Next button.


Step 6. Choose the location where you want to save these drivers. Click on Install. That is it. Soon the drivers will be installed on PC.

Install-Samsung-USB-Drivers-Step-three Install-Samsung-Galaxy-J4+-USB-Drivers-Step-four Install-Samsung-USB-Drivers-Step-Five

Method 2. Install Samsung USB Drivers Manually

Step 1. Firstly download the Samsung USB Drivers.

Step 2Extract the zip file to a suitable location on the PC/Laptop.

Step 3. Using a USB cable, connect the Samsung device to PC.

Step 4. Now go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot tools are installed.

Step 5. Hit the SHIFT key and right-click on the empty space inside this folder.

Step 6. Choose the ‘Open PowerShell window here‘ option.

Step 7. Enter the below command in the PowerShell window so as to reboot the Samsung device into EDL mode –

adb reboot edl

Step 8. Now, on PC, go to Control Panel> Device Manager.

Step 9. Samsung device will now be detected under the Other Devices tab as ‘QHUSB_BULK‘ along with a yellow exclamation mark. This denotes that the PC is unable to detect the device as the USB drivers are not installed yet.

Step 10. Now right click on the same and choose ‘Update Driver Software’.

Step 11. Hit the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ option. Then choose the folder which has the USB driver files.

Step 12. When you select the folder, hit the Next option.

Step 13. You will now come across a Windows Security Prompt. Ignore it and choose ‘Install this driver software anyway’ so as to install Samsung USB Drivers on PC.

Step 14. Once the drivers are installed, you will see Samsung USB Drivers in the Device Manager folder.

I hope that you have found the article of use. And I assume you have successfully downloaded the Samsung USB Drivers for Odin and have established a connection between Samsung USB Drivers for Odin and the PC.

In case you have any questions to ask, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

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