Download Samsung USB Driver V1.5.55.0

Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0 will help you in establishing a firm and secure connection between Samsung device and the PC or Laptop. So if you want to download Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0, follow the short article below.

Uses of Samsung USB driver v1.5.55.0

Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0 can be used to perform a number of tasks related to Samsung device and the Windows PC. It could be as simple as sharing or transferring or copying certain files from Samsung device to PC and vice versa.

It also helps to build a secure connection in order to carry out developer-level tasks like rooting device, flashing the stock firmware, IMEI Flashing, etc, you will need the USB Drivers installed to perform certain steps of the procedure. And hence here we are with a detailed article to help you out with the Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0.

Download Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0

  • Click on the link below to download Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0 For PC
  • File Size –  19.6MB
  • Support -Windows 7/XP/ Vista/10

How to install Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0?

Given below are a detailed step by step and a short guide on how to install Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0 on Windows PC –

Samsung USB Driver Version

Method 1: How to Install Samsung USB Driver on Windows PC

Step 1. To begin with, Download the latest v1.5.55.0 of Samsung USB Driver from the links mentioned above.

Step 2. When the driver gets downloaded on PC, extract it with the help of 7zip or Winrar.

Step 3. Once you are completely done with the extraction of the driver, you will see the Samsung Driver Setup file. Open this setup file.

Step 4. Click on the Next button to continue with the process.


Step 5. Now, choose the language of choice and the country than to continue, click on the Next button.


Step 6. You will have to choose the location for installation now. You can also leave it default and then click on the install button.


Within a few minutes, the installation process will be finished.


Step 7. When the installation process is done, click on the Finish button to exit the Installation page.


You are now good to go and connect Samsung Smartphone or tablet to the Windows PC.

Method 2: How to Install Samsung USB Driver on PC Manually 

Step 1. First of all, connect the USB device to PC and see if the device is powered.

Step 2. On the PC/Laptop, open Windows Device Manager.

Step 3. Search for that USB device you connected either in the ‘USB Controller’ section or ‘Unkown Devices’ drop-down menu.

Step 4. Next right click on the USB Device and choose ‘Update Driver Software’.

Step 5. Then choose ‘Browse my Computer for Driver Software’.

Step 6. Navigate to the location – C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung USB Drivers, Libraries, Source\Performax USB v4.01

Step 7. Then check the checkbox – ‘Include Subfolders’.

Finally, click NEXT. The Samsung USB Drivers will be updated soon!

I hope you have found the article of use and have successfully downloaded Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0.

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